Community Responsibility

Welcome to the Community Responsibility Webpage!  If you are interested in social justice, the resources here may be helpful to you.  The National Church and Society Council pages also provide useful resources.

What We Do

This committee is mainly concerned with the disadvantaged in society. We seek to

  • Challenge inequality and social injustice
  • Provide a Christian perspective on social issues
  • Nurture links with Lodging House Mission, Church House, The Well, CrossReach and Transformation Team
  • Support social enterprise activities such as foodbanks and the social justice movement
  • Work closely with committees and groups concerned with interfaith and ecumenical issues

Useful Information

Priority Areas
Priority Areas

If you are in a Priority Area, you can benefit from the many resources and training opportunities the Priority Area Team offers. Priority Areas also recognise that poverty is not restricted to these areas and so support is also offered to congregations seeking to work with the poor and marginalised in their parish.

Whilst priority is given to those in a Priority Area, spaces on training courses can also be offered to anyone who is interested in attending.

More information can be found on the Church of Scotland website.

The Well
The Well

'The Well' is a drop-in information and advice service, in particular serving the Pollokshields and Govanhill areas.  Staff and volunteers deal with a variety of issues from help with completing benefits forms to liaising with utility companies or simply providing a listening ear.  It is uniquely placed to build bridges between communities who might otherwise never interact.

Click here to get involved.

Glasgow the Caring City
Glasgow the Caring City

Glasgow the Caring City responds with compassion and humanity to disasters and relief efforts throughout the world, as well as providing support to causes closer to home.  From Afghanistan to Sri Lanka and Sudan to Manhattan, the charity's core value is a simple one - to provide help where it is required with no political motive.  The Caring City provides care, help and love to the most fragile and destitute at home and around the world.

Glasgow the Caring City – Recycling Project